Illustration by  Emilie Steele

Illustration by Emilie Steele

All proFit goes to charity, please read information below for more details. 

'Temporary Love' Numbered A3 print - (actual illustration 25x25cm)

Limited edition (April 15th - May 15th)
Signed by STEELE. 


Illustration by Emilie Steele.

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ALL profit goes to charity!

In connection to the release of the single 'Temporary Love', STEELE and her sister Emilie, the creator of the cover art illustration, started a collaboration with dog rescue organisation Dogs Trust Ireland.

They support dogs in need with care, food, shelter, finding their forever homes and so much more!

In 12 years, Dogs Trust has achieved so much but there is much more to be done.  Dogs Trust receives no government funding and they rely entirely on donations from the general public to support their work.

2,746 dogs rehomed in 2017

104,967 dogs neutered since 2006

5,870 dogs microchipped in 2017

2,468 education workshops delivered in 2017

Since their work began, they have educated over 400,000 people!


Visit www.dogstrust.ie to find out more about their amazing work! 

Illustration by Emilie Steele