June 14: Steele does feautre with superdry

"Stockholm based singer Steele is toughening up the footpaths made by the likes of Goldfrapp. Ethereal, whimsical but full of drama, this singer is serving up the perfect sundazed soundtracks. We took some time out in the shade at a skatepark for a chat."

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June 13: Steele releases debut album 'paroxysm'

On June 13th, STEELE released a long awaited full album with 12 tracks.  

Steele’s definantly rogue take on pop takes in influences from game - changers such as Portishead and Lana Del Ray – it’s groaning with hooks, melody and lyrical twists but makes no concession to mainstream demands. Along with producers, Charles and Dejan , the work which has gone into Paroxysm reveals layers upon layers of textured atmos phere, allowing for tracks to

continually reveal something new upon each listen. The five - minute track , β€œ 8AM ” , is a devastating torch song worthy of closing a season of Twin Peaks , whilst β€œ Looking for You ” shows a far less vulnerable side, with a robotic a ttack which brings Ladytron to mind. An album of huge emotion, there are seemingly paradoxes in each track, a fractured perfection which can only come from the artist having poured every ounce of their life experience into it, warts and all.

Steele is not looking to break chart records, sell out the O2 or become the next…whoever. This album is Steele finally and unapologetically finding her peace with her music and expressing herself in such a way that if some listeners hate it, it really doesn’t matter – this is a statement which is undiluted and is all - the - more beautiful for it. β€˜ Paroxysm ’ is music without rules and borders and transcends trends style and fashion. 


may 24: Steele gets confessional on 'looking for you' on billboard

"'Looking For You' is an embodiment of that feeling of being happy, devious and a little bit moonstruck at the same time, much like when you're determined for a mission - or just dancing senselessly at home alone," Steele tells Billboard. 

The song features production from Charles Elmi and Dejan Sajinovic, who also worked with Steele on songs for her EPs Opium and Hiraeth. Those EPs have been combined with newer tracks to form Paroxysm, which is due out on June 13. 

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APRIL 15: cover art print now available in the shop - all proFit goes to dog rescue!

Between April 15th and May 15th, the cover art for STEELE's latest single 'Temporary Love' will be exclusively available as a numbered and signed A3 print. 

STEELE and her sister, as well as the creator of the illustration, Emilie Steele, have started a collaboration with dog rescue organisation Dogs Trust Ireland, where 100% of the profit goes to their charity. 


APRIL 11: new Release: 'Temporary love' and charity collaboration!

The second single from STEELE is now released, and it's the perfect melancholic, dreamy track we need to welcome the first rays of sun this spring! 

In addition to the release, the cover art will be available in the webshop from April 15th to May 15th as a limited edition A3 print (without logo/title) where all profit goes to the amazing organisation @dogstrust_ire who rescues dogs, supports them with food, care, shelter, finding them forever homes and much more! 
The illustration will be numbered, is made by  @emilie.steele, and will be signed by STEELE! 



APRIL 4: new single release on april 11th! 

Following up the previous release of 'Know Her' earlier this year, a second single will soon be out on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud.

"It will be on the softer side, but still with a big, cinematic sound that has become kind of my signature." -STEELE


FEB 28: 'know her' - new single out! 

After the last release in 2016, STEELE is finally back with a new, up-beat single; 'Know Her' as a salute to women. 

'Know Her' continues with the heavy, progressive themes that STEELE fans know and love. The complexity of the female vocal range is explored throughout; travelling from the depths of her sultry undertones in each verse, up to the higher notes displayed in the chorus. The commanding lyrics are intertwined with the dark production; a combination of a low rolling percussive beat and sharp synth stabs, tied together with the hard-hitting percussion and electronic elements throughout the chorus.


January 14th: steele performs at the elle-gala 20th anniversary.

The ELLE-gala is the biggest fashion event of the year in Sweden, and the 20th anniversary was opened with a colourful fashion show by stylist Robert Rydberg and live act by STEELE. 

Watch the video here.